About Us

Our office was established in 2000. We are providing a wide range of technical services such as designing heat treatment Furnaces, foundry machines and equipment and many other machines for heavy industry.
Our engineers have many years of experience in designing machines. We can make various mechanical projects depending on customer requirements.
We can also provide a service to the companies which do not have their own design office.

This offer is made to:

  • Companies with own design office to support and help with completion of projects
  • Companies which do not have their own design office
  • Companies from various sectors, which need technical documentation for e.g UE grant, getting certificates
  • Companies, which would like to use realistic photos on their websites, catalogues or other advertisements.

Why should you choose us?

BKW office promises the highest design quality. The projects are completed by qualified and expirenced designers and dealt with to all required standards. Outsourcing of design is often cheaper than employing engineers and running your own design office. Our design office offers additional support, which will help any companies to complete a huge project or a contract,which could be impossible to deal with, without assistance.


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